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20Years’ Experience in IT.

As an industry expert with 20 years of experience, our CTO will connect you with the industry's best talent and incorporate innovation into your business.

Civa tech is a leading multinational supplier of information technology software and business process solutions. Today, we provide customers in manufacturing; financial services; healthcare; communications, media and entertainment; energy; transportation; and the consumer and retail industries around the world with One of the broadest portfolios of information technology, software and outsourcing services for business processes in the industry.
Innovation is our company's nucleus. We value original thinking, the passion to tackle challenging challenges, and thoughtful feedback, giving and receiving it openly. "Our mantra in this place is," Why not?
Strength is the mutual energy here that moves us forward. We value individuals who go further than the distance, apply to the task at hand all their unique talents, and act with clarity, intent, and grit. It's us.
Integrity is the defining characteristic of our people and our service. Always strive to do the right thing, act honestly and honorably, and be unafraid to be your true self. Do it all, even If no one watches.
Investment Return
Companies accelerated the speed of development, reduced maintenance Time and quadrupled the number of projects launched.
Faster project delivery
Teams spend less time building new integrations by reusing existing code making it easier to launch projects faster.

Savings in maintenance costs
Developers code less integration on a per-project basis enabling them to spend less time on maintenance.
We want to make the best integrations possible so that people can choose the best applications to run their company.

Building a connected future, trust us to transform your company.

API Management
For enterprise integrations, build, consume, and manage up-to-date APIs without the complexity of hand-coding and maintenance.
Integration into B2B
A centralized, cloud-based solution for all your trading partners would modernize your EDI systems.
Applications for Company
Complex software design for hundreds of users with Worldwide access to operate a single business logic.
Domain-based development
The complex development of web applications for crucial real-time businesses.
Planning Business Software
SME software suite which automates custom document-intensive processes.
Commercial Applications
Prebuild Web Solutions to develop content management systems and different APIs for Payment Gateways.

What drives the potential evolution of the cloud?

From the principles of grid, utility and SaaS, the idea of cloud computing has grown. It is an evolving paradigm in which users can gain access to their applications through their connected devices from anywhere at any time.
Expert service Rapid Success
With offerings such as Production Readiness, we have built solutions for every business size and initiative form to easily monitor your progress. Tailored options for advanced integration for deployment and snap growth.
Revolutionary Integration and Revolutionary Services.
Say goodbye to painful provisioning, lengthy shipping, ITonly authorization, costly schooling, and post delivery being forgotten.
Global Support. Best Satisfaction.
Our global customer service network, known as a leading customer satisfaction brand, frictionlessly connects you with inhouse experts. With an online customer service, support for multi channels.
Driven by methodology for agility.
Detailed specifications will be gathered, use cases developed, architecture formulated, developed, checked, registered and qualified.
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