EpicStitch is a comprehensive and easy to use web-based management software to help you redefine your decorative business.

The problem

The solution

EpicStitch focuses exclusively on the decorated products industry in order to bring effective and innovative ideas to the market for embroidery, heat transfer, and screen-print order fulfillment. Apparel decorative industries were using Spreadsheets and excel for their operation process, which is time-consuming and compromises quality. EpicStitch eliminates this drawback by 1/16th through its effective design and numerous capabilities.
Group order into a single purchase order, it's easy to set up. EpicStitch quotes are a fast and flexible way to satisfy your customers.
EpicStitch allows executing orders anytime, anywhere. shows the real-time order list and will get a quick snapshot of the order id, designs, etc.
EpicStitch was designed to help you manage your entire production process and improves productivity and eliminates costly errors.
Not all users are created equal, nor does it function the same way for all users. EpicStitch offers an intuitive user interface and streamlined menu structure to configure and personalize the experience.
Providing business solutions for growing and changing companies, It requires industry-specific functionality and capabilities found in EpicStitch.
EpicStitch offers users the streamlined ability to accept updates and add new features, functionality, and applications that scale with your business growth.


In this competitive industry, you have to be one step ahead in the service quality and time management. EpicStitch is providing you a more efficient system

* Boost employee morale

* Minimizes preparation time in half

* Hassle-free order management

* Minimizes time for process and order delivery .

* Recognise fulfilment problems

* Real-time inventory control

* Eliminates quaLity issues

* Locate products quickly

* Revamping of the machine and labor productivity

* Systematic order tracking and status management

* Increase picking and inventory accuracy

* Secure user-logins for accessibility

* Paperless ability to access order information

* Minimizes production costs

* Decreases operational expenses

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